...et le parfums...

Debussy will now develop materials from the first measures.

A melody based on the half step motive develops over the chord. The minor second is now a major second and repeats as a sequence in measure 11. The melody adds the augmented eleventh and major ninth to the chord:

The A pedal point continues in measures 13 to 19. A descending version of the half step motive appears as an internal voice doubled at the octave with an added tritone:

We also hear the fourth motive (now using G#). This time the motive is developed using the pentatonic scale of A#. Three tonal dimensions appear in these measures:

  1. The A pedal point.
  2. The half step motive: F-E and B-A#.
  3. The A# pentatonic scale.

At the last measure, a motive using notes C#-D# create an ostinato that will continue in the following measures:

A short recapitulation of the first measures plays in measure 24:

Measures 9 to 26:

Paavali Jumppanen, piano
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
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