Vivaldi divides the text of the sonnet on which this concerto is based between its three movements:
A sonnet has fourteen lines divided into two quatrains (four lines) and two tercets.
I. Allegro
E major
Quatrains 1 and 2

Springtime is upon us.

The birds celebrate her return with festive song,

and murmuring streams are

softly caressed by the breezes.

Thunderstorms, those heralds of Spring, roar,

casting their dark mantle over heaven,

Then they die away to silence,

and the birds take up their charming songs once more.

II. Largo
C# minor
First tercet

On the flower-strewn meadow, with leafy branches

rustling overhead, the goat-herd sleeps,

his faithful dog beside him.

III. Danza Pastorale
E major
Second tercet

Led by the festive sound of rustic bagpipes,

nymphs and shepherds lightly dance

beneath spring’s beautiful canopy.

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