The Second Episode

A new episode will lead to Bb major in the rectus and to F major in the inversus:


Measure Rectus Inversus Transformations
24 G minor chord followed C minor's vii degree A minor chord followed by what appears to be a G minor's dominant chord G <--> E
D <--> A
B <--> C
F <--> F
25 C minor, Bb major's ii degree It first looks like G major, but it's an E minor chord in first inversion C <--> B
E <--> G
26 Bb major V degree followed by vii B minor chord (the harmonic function is not clear), followed by A minor's dominant chord F <--> F
C <--> B
A <--> D
27 G minor chord, followed by Eb major's vii degree. Eb major is Bb major's IV degree A minor chord, F major's iii degree G <--> E
D <--> A
B <--> C
28 Bb major's IV and V degree chords F major's vii degree E <--> G
D <--> A
B <--> C
29 Bb major key F major key B <--> C
D <--> A

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