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Beats and Measures

Time Signature

Note Value

Dotted Notes and the Tie


Values Shorter Than a Beat

Eighth and Sixteenth Notes

Eighth-Note and Sixteenth-Note Rests


Beat Unit

Simple and Compound Meters

Reading Musical Notes

An Example


Key Signatures

Keyboard Notes

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Harmonic Functions

Musical Forms

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Rhythmic Dictation

Clef Reading

Time Signature

Key Signature Construction

Key Signature Identification

Beats and Measures

We will use several examples to illustrate these two concepts.

Beats – in each example you can hear a series of steady clicks, each one being a beat or a pulsation.

Measures – the beats or pulsations are grouped in numbers of two, three and four. A measure is such a pattern of a group of beats. It is very common to find measures having groups of two, three or four beats.

Translated by Dan Román, English version revised by Sue Talley

© 2011 J. Rodríguez Alvira

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