The first symbol on the staff is the clef.

There are several clefs. The more often used are the Treble Clef or G Clef:

The Treble Clef is used by high-pitched instruments such as the violin, flute, and trumpet, and by other lower-pitched instruments such as the guitar.

And the Bass Clef or F Clef:

The Bass Clef is used by low-pitched instruments like the double bass, cello, and the trombone.

When you are reading music, notice the clef in order to correctly identify the notes.

Other clefs

Notes shown are all middle C.

do en 1ra

Soprano clef

do en 2da

Mezzo soprano clef

do en 3ra

Alto clef

do en 4ta

Tenor clef

fa en 3ra

Baritone clef.

See Reading Music in the Tutorials section.


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