teoria.com turned 24 in January 2021. There have been many years of work on this project whose main objective has been to help develop musical skills.

From July 2021, its operation will change. This document seeks to clarify the changes so that educational institutions that use our resources as part of their curriculum have time to make the necessary adjustments.

What will not change?

What will change on July 2021?

What is the reason for these changes?

After 24 years, we have grown tired of the administrative work that the membership system entails. On the other hand, legal privacy requirements have increased exponentially and made the administrative burden much heavier. For these reasons, we have decided to eliminate memberships and groups to focus on our main goal: the development of teoria.com!

My membership is valid until after June 30, what will happen to it?

We will honor memberships until their expiration date.


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