Follow these steps to create links that will run our exercises using predefined options:

  1. Go to any exercise and set up the desired options.
  2. Click in the lower right corner to copy the link to the clipboard.
  3. You can send the link by email, publish it on a web page, Moodle, Blackboard or social media.
  4. By following the link, the exercise bypass the options page and runs using the predefined options

Link example:;5;0;m2;M2;a2;d3;m3;M3;a3;d4;p4;a4;d5;p5;a5;d6;m6;M6;a6;d7;m7;M7;asc;g;f;accs=sharpsFlats;

You must include 'https://www' in the link.

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