Prelude no. 15 in Db major is in compound ternary form. The following table shows the structure (click the letters to see the excerpts):

Db major
A 3 parts section
A 4 measure phrase that is repeated (measures 1-8)
Three phrases of 4 measures each in Ab minor and Bb minor (9-19)
First measures are repeated. The section ends over the dominant chord to prepare section B (20-27)
C# minor
A 2 part section
Group of 4 phrases of 4 measure each that is repeated (28-59)
Two phrases of 4 measures each that repeat with a small variation to prepare the recapitulation (60-75)
Db major
No subdivisions
Section A first phrase followed by a small coda (76)

A dominant pedal (Ab in Db major, G# in C# minor) is present during most of the prelude.

Complete prelude:


Robert Ståhlbrand, piano. Cortesía de Piano Society

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