The following table shows the tuning used by both instruments:

  Guitar Vihuela
Strings Four pair of strings (courses) tuned in unison. The 4th string tuned in octaves Six pair of strings tuned in unison
Tuning Two tunings existed: temple viejo (old tuning) y temple nuevo (new tuning).

Old: G, D, F#, B
New: A, D, F#, B

The tuning is similar to the guitar but the 3rd string would be tuned one half step lower: E, A, D, F#, B, E.

There were vihuelas of different sizes tunes higher or lower. The previous tuning is that of the vihuela in E. Vihuelas could be tuned in A, G, F#, F, E and D.

NOTE: Tuning is specified from the lower string to the highest.

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